DESIGN PROJECTS NEVER GET BORING  You think you’ve seen it all, and yet another amazing project pops up in our in-boxes every day. We’re so lucky to work with some amazing talent and here you can see some of their work in action.

GOAL  Remove the ugly, make the practical even more useful, inspire all who encounter and put smiles on our clients (and their customer’s) faces.

IMPACT  Ken’s Artisan Bakery is the home to some super tasty goods – and also some mighty fine posters sporting one of our hobbies (food photography + croissant eating). La Costita feels like a day at the beach when you’re drinking their Toritos, and we wanted to make sure that every media contact that received our DVD were ready for the party. And let’s not forget Painted Lady, a restaurant belle whose foundation is steeped in artistry from the inside out (we loved our R&D almost as much as our food photo sesssions!).

THE BOTTOM LINE  Do the right thing. When it comes to working with clients, new or old, our job isn’t to create extraneous work. Rather, our team looks for ways to create pieces that can be used for a long time to come, have real value and meaning to the business and make our clients look pretty darn good.