WE LOVE BRANDS!  Businesses come to us at all different stages. No matter if they are a start up or a multi-million dollar business with years under the belt, we love them all. That being said, here are some fun start up branding projects we’ve been a part of.

GOAL  To help make businesses even more fabulous than their owners envisioned on paper.

IMPACT  Tamale Boy is a food cart in Portland, Ore. that specializes in gluten free options and tamales that blow your mind. Mayahuel Catering is part of the La Costita family and a new(er) business with old roots – try the ceviche with a shot of tequila. While Portland Housing Center isn’t a start up, they start over every year with a fresh take on homeownership in Portland. And Mountains to Metro is an annual wine event where you can skip the limo and the dirt roads and just hit up all the wineries in one shot.  Last but certainly not least, Broadway Cigar has been with SMG from the first puff and we’ve enjoyed every bit of it (plus, these guys have man caves and steaks dialed in!).

THE BOTTOM LINE  Fresh never gets old. We love clients who understand the value of great design – it can cost so much more in revenues when a brand gets dusty and outdated. The essence of a business doesn’t have to get dull or boring! Nor does it have to cost an arm and a leg to revamp.